Hearing Strange Noises In Your House Lately?

Have you noticed strange bumping and banging noises in your house…and gone to investigate and noticed that nothing was moved? Yeah, me too. It all started with some serious bangs directly under my bed, about 1 mile or so under the earth. No doubt some kind of tectonic movement but no earthquake following, it was enough to keep me awake for a bit. The bangs on the walls and ceiling have been going on for a long time (years) but have gotten much worse lately. Said noises only occur around ME and when both cats are sound asleep next to me.

The house goes fairly crazy whenever I relax, as if something or someone is trying to get my attention. Well, whoever it is might have to wait for quite some time as I just don’t seem to be getting it. My barometer for such things happens to be my cats: if they don’t wake up or look in the direction of the noise, I know it isn’t really physical. Yup, it’s all in my head…or more precisely, due to the pineal gland and 3rd eye opening to the other dimensions. If it was just me experiencing these things I might just shrug it off as normal—for me anyway—but I’m hearing from more ‘normal’ people lately.

When those who don’t usually hear or see into other dimensions start calling and freaking out about doors being slammed in their houses, voices coming from another room, people walking on the roof—and no one is found on investigation—one has to pay a little more attention to the possibilities. While it is expected that more of the populace will wake up and tap into the closer dimensions from now on, the explanations of this are fairly scarce. So…take a deep breath and let’s consider the basic possibilities.

There are the old phenomena, such as ghosts and magnetic imprints (that replay a traumatic scene over and over when stimulated). There are Beings from other dimensions, such as angels and devils and their attendant helpers. There are strange cryptoids, aliens/ET’s and inter-dimensionals—literally creatures from another world or dimensional layer. There are secret projects, living and robotic. And then there are the Shadow People or interactive ghosts, who may actually be US, living simultaneously in other dimensions or parallel universes. There are plenty of people who have photographic evidence of just such strange occurrences (check this out: http://www.burlingtonnews.net/phaseshifting.html).

Having witnessed friends in multiple versions walking across the room (as many as 5, all in different positions) I can tell you it only takes being open/receptive to what is at the right time. It’s so weird it makes me laugh uproariously when I see such things. The best I can describe it is to compare it to looking at a film strip and overlaying several frames on each other. You can actually watch each movement when this happens. Along with this type of vision comes a sort of warm, fuzzy buzz and increased circulation to the whole body instantly; it’s kind of like the body comes fully alive in that moment.

The main thing to do if this happens to you? Don’t panic; none of those things can hurt you unless they come fully into this 3D reality. If you are being bothered or abducted by scary things, you might want to drop me an email (or leave me a comment here, with your contact email…no one else will see it; I’ll edit it out before approving the comment) about getting a special pendant that will make those things back off. You’ll still see and hear them but they can’t touch you unless you allow them to. The cost of such a pendant is $150 and they are special-ordered; they contain frequencies aimed at total protection (yeah, that’s one of my specialties). Children are especially susceptible to seeing these other-worldly things and those who have one of these pendants tend to sleep better. If they are already very psychic, it’s important to tell them that they will still see/hear things but all they have to do is order such things away…and they have to go.

As to why this is all happening, well, it has to do with the Earth’s changing magnetic field, which makes the veil between dimensions thinner. In quantum physics terms, the barrier between branes is thinning…it should get very interesting when the higher vibratory strings start smacking into us (“…go to the Light!….”). At any rate, expect more, ‘cause it’sa comin’ fast. You might want to get a copy of StarTrek: Generations and review that, since Truth is often just as strange as science fiction.

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